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SAP Identity Management (IDM) enables you to centrally oversee user accounts and consents for both SAP and non-SAP frameworks. For customer who need to safely and proficiently manage with users' access to applications while likewise meeting review and consistence prerequisites, SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (SAP NetWeaver ID Management) has demonstrated vital. SAP NetWeaver ID Management has been always developing since its dispatch, with the expansion of new functionalities. There are some an IDM framework's objectives: a more secure application environment, low cost, a higher proficiency and profitability.

The SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Solution

The SAP NetWeaver Identity Management products have advanced from MaXware AS. The MaXware Data Synchronization Engine, which was launched in 1996 and has developed into the identity management product MaXware Identity Center. The MaXware Identity Center incorporates provisioning, work process and secret key management features.
SAP obtained the MaXware IdM item and astutely incorporated it with SAP NetWeaver stage.

1. Identity Center:

The Identity Center is a top of identity management solution. It uses a relational database as well as all provisioning and work process states. 

2. Information Synchronization Engine:

These leads to low-level operation on the applications and repositories. It keeps running as a major aspect of the Identity Center.

3. Virtual Directory Server:

It provides the organization with constant access to the identity data, and also to other basic data, by giving a solitary access point to all data. The Virtual Directory Server can likewise be utilized to control access to the identity data. It can show similar information in various approaches to various gatherings of clients. It can likewise be utilized to compose secure or conceal certain qualities, for instance when making data accessible remotely.


Need of SAP IDM:

Following 3 points quickly summaries that how SAP IDM is important?
1. To reduce Access risks and enhance Security!
2. To reduce costs through automation and process optimization and
3. To comply with regulations and compliance requirements.

SAP Identity Management Release Highlights 8.0

SAP Identity Management just releases some improvements:
  • Innovative design-time IDM Developer Studio as Eclipse plug-in
  • Extended integration capabilities with SAP products
  • Improved security concept
1. SAP Identity Management Developer Studio

It is an Eclipse plug-in that gives the environment to building up the design for the identity management solution. It is a swap for the Identity Center Management Console. The Identity Management Developer Studio offers enhanced security model and ease of use and also a multiuser domain so clients can work on different configuration packages at the same time without overwriting each-others’ changes.

2. Configuration Packages

They are conveyed as a major aspect of the Identity Management center parts. They contain systems and connectors that can be imported to the Identity Management database to give the essential features as provisioning and combination with SAP Access Control. A package is the smallest piece of the design that is kept up as a unit. Changes to packages are variant controlled, logged and reversible. Contents and constants are incorporated into a package and dispersed with the package amid transport. Transport of configuration is done on a package level. Each package is transported independently as a solitary XML record and there is no requirement for complex transport system.

3. The Provisioning framework

The Provisioning structure for SAP Identity Management 8.0 gives set of layouts to use to interface SAP frameworks to SAP Identity Management and to set up the jobs and procedures for provisioning the comparing clients and the relating assignments.
The Provisioning system for SAP Identity Management 8.0 is additionally distributed in packages. Each package has a specific reason i.e. an engine package, a package for a specific connector, a package for notifications, a package for User Interface forms and a custom package.

4. Success Factors connector

Success Factors connector is utilized for a correspondence between SAP Identity Management and Success Factors frameworks. The connector permits SAP Identity Management to coordinate Success Factors frameworks into centralized user management scenarios. It is conveyed as a different bundle in the Provisioning Framework for SAP Identity Management 8.0. While deciding your framework scene, you can utilize Success Factors as a main Human Capital Management (HCM) framework and as an objective framework for provisioning.

Advantages of SAP Identity Management

1. Conform to the regulations.
2. Assure the security rules by device management.
3. Increase the access and user satisfaction of systems.
4. Less password hassle, and so reduced helpdesk costs.
5. Lower audit costs with an access policy.
6. Higher quality of security information.
7. Improved maneuverability for the organization.
8. No unnecessary access rights.


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